Welcome to MDAM Vintage!

Welcome to MDAM Vintage!

Welcome to MDAM Vintage!

Hello! I’m Sarah and I am the founder of Make Do and Mend. It’s been a long time coming but I am so, SO excited to be able to finally share with you our new website, re-branded under our new name, MDAM Vintage!

MDAM Vintage is your go to place for gorgeous handpicked vintage and second hand fashion and we are on a mission to show the world that buying vintage and second hand, and repairing and rewearing the clothes that already exist on this planet is the only way to be truly sustainable in fashion.

We believe we need to rewire our brains into consuming fashion in a different way if we are to see an end to the destruction that fast fashion is wreaking on both the planet and those employed within the industry. With our new website and online presence we not only aim to do that by showing you how amazing, accessible and wearable vintage and second hand fashion is, but also build a community of likeminded people…one that will share skills and knowledge around mending, upcycling and reworking your clothes as well as championing the slow fashion movement and the creators, activists and campaigners within it.

As this is our first blog post I thought I’d also give you a brief history of how MDAM Vintage began!

I started MDAM Vintage trading on market stalls at the weekend while I worked full time in my old job in theatrical costume in the West End. With a £500 investment in stock, rails and all the bits required to sell clothes on a market stall (apart from the carrier bags which I completely forgot to order!) we began selling and building up our customer base. Less than two years after our very first market stall we opened our first shop at Pop Brixton, a recycled shipping container community in South London. We quickly outgrew that unit and moved into a larger 20ft container, where we were based until this summer.

But we have never just been a vintage shop. From the very first market stall I offered alterations on any item bought and from the day we opened our shop, ran a full alteration service, held sewing workshops, curated vintage and sustainable fashion markets and also founded the hugely popular Brixton Vintage Kilo Sale with Blue Rinse Vintage.

We have had no investment and or loans. We have grown slowly and steadily. Learning and experimenting, failing and succeeding, becoming part of the local community and all the while having lots of colourful and vibrant fun with it and meeting so many amazing people.

The best part of running MDAM Vintage?... turning customers into vintage enthusiasts just like me! When I sell an item to someone who has never bought vintage before, spending their hard earned money and taking a risk on something outside their comfort zone…that to me is truly rewarding. And if this little purchase can start them on a life long journey of loving and appreciating vintage and second hand clothing, then I really feel I have achieved something. That is where it all comes together and when it means the most.

Although our shop at Pop Brixton has sadly closed for good, I hope this new website will enable me to continue spreading our message, share information and skills, champion others doing so, and ultimately change people’s perceptions of what buying vintage and wearing second hand clothing looks and feels like!

Big Love and thank you for your support. It really does mean the world.

Sarah xx

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